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Black Hammer: The End #3 (CVR A) (Malachi Ward) (Pre-Order)

Black Hammer: The End #3 (CVR A) (Malachi Ward) (Pre-Order)

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A multiversal nightmare unfolds as hordes of demonic hellamentals attack Spiral City, while dark heroes congregate in hell fearful of another onslaught by the world destroyer Anti-God. Black Hammer: The End is the next era of the Black Hammer Universe; a six-issue event series by Jeff Lemire and Malachi Ward that pulls the Black Hammer world into crisis.

Cover Artist: Malachi Ward
Artist: Malachi Ward Writer: Jeff Lemire Comic Grade: Near Mint/Mint

This item can be pre-ordered any day upto Sep. 24, 2023
This is a Pre-Order of a comic book anticipated to ship on Oct. 25, 2023
After Sep. 24, 2023 all pre-orders are finalized.

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